Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coral Lips

Following my red lips post, I thought I might move onto the other lip colours that I really love. Such as coral.
As well as the points that I mentioned in the red lips post one of the reasons that I love lipstick so much is that lippie and eyeliner is my absolute go-to makeup look. This is mostly because I find that whenever I attempt a smoky-eye I look like a tramp. Or a hooker (not a high class call girl, but a $2 street walker. Sigh). I desperately wish that I could rock an amazing smoky eye, but I haven't as yet been able to. Plus, lippies instantly add colour and interest to your face. They are also super easy to apply. Lipstick is an absolute winner!

Anyways, on to the coral. I have 4 different corals, but one of them is now discontinued (Revlon Matte in Pink About It), so I didn't do pictures on it. Note, for me I tend to pick more pinky-corals, as I am quite fair with blonde hair.

First, Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Peach: This lipstick is a gorgeous colour, it is a very pink coral, it almost could be considered Pink. The formulation is also very lovely, it contains mango butter to moisturize your lips, and glides on super smoothly. It is definitely not a matte look however, it is very shiny and almost looks like gloss; definitely great for those who are a little scared of lippie! It contains SPF 10, which is fantastic for daytime. Plus Korres products are free of heaps of different nasties, such as mineral oil, propylene glycol and ethanolamine. Winner!

The SPF may be fantastic for daytime but it tends to wash the colour out a little. Trust me when I say that it's lovely!

Secondly, David Jones Beauty Moisture Cream Lipstick in Sunburst: This is one true coral. Knock your socks off bright coral. Absolutely gorgeous colour! The formulation is a lot thicker and creamier than the Korres lippie, and it smells a lot like the cheap lippies you were allowed to buy as a child when you were little with your pocket money (Coral Colours, anyone?). I don't mind though, because the formulation is very highly pigmented, and the lippies are only $13.95 each! Cheap as chips!

Again the colour is a little washed out, in real life it is very very bright!

Finally, David Jones Moisture Cream Lipstick in Ginger Kiss: This one has all the same attributes as above, although it is more of a frosted colour then Sunburst, which is much more matte. It is a little more of a burnt orange coral too, but it is quite a nice colour. It really suits alot of bronzer and a nice tan, or a Mad Men look.

Washed out - again.

Sitting pretty!

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  1. Ooh I love the second one ! So pretty. It's hard when the photos don't show just how bright the colour is in real life :)

  2. the second one is really bright, its amazing! definitely disappointing that it refuses to show up in pictures. even harder when it was pouring rain yesterday and it was almost impossible to find natural light haha.


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