Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Review: Australis Nail Colour in Peek-a-boo

I am sure that I am probably coming to the party a little late with this one again, as Lilac is more of a spring colour and we have moved into summer, but I only bought this nail polish on Saturday so it's my new favourite thing. Hence, it deserves a post.

Australis has really upped it's game since they brought out the new products, I remember when I was little and Australis being the cheapy stuff that you were allowed to buy with your pocket money. Now I own their jumbo bronzer, translucent powder, two of their colour inject mineral lipglosses, and the make-up finishing spritz, because the quality is so good!

This nail polish is supposed to be a streak free, high shine, intense colour, and it honestly lives up to its claims. The colour only takes two coats to become opaque, and it didn't streak at all. The formula also wasn't too runny like some of the cheaper nail polishes are apt to be. Plus, it was reasonably quick drying.

Mostly, the colour is just such a winner!

Sorry about the pictures of my feet, I have this thing where I hate nail polish on my fingers...

God I love this nail polish! I think that I will be collecting a few more of these babies...

PS. look at my hilarious tan lines. How embarrassment! x

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