Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday Eve Haul

This is the basic run down on what lead to me spending $220 in an hour and a half. Tomorrow is my birthday. Tonight is my birthday party. Tonight I am wearing a black Maxi dress, and had it in my head that I needed a neutral coloured blazer. Off to Dissh I went, and found this fantastic Wish blazer on sale. LOVE.

Secondly, I have had a bit of a problem with my eyebrows and beauticians, namely beauticians making them way too thin. Yolly recommended that I try the Benefit Brow Bar, and therefore on the eve of my 21st birthday, when I will be having a boot load of photos taken, I trooped off to get them fixed, as they had grown to woolly mammoth proportions while growing them out since the last attempt.

Can I say, I am in love? No one has ever made my eyebrows looks good, and now all of a sudden they are fantastic!! (Exclamation points are definitely needed). It took 45mins to put my eyebrows through "brow rehab", as my lovely Benefit lady put it, which involved tinting, waxing, tweezing and finally filling in. My brows still need a bit of work; there are sections where they need to grow out. Seriously though, they look so much better. Did you know the Benefit Brow Specialists go to Benefit University? No wonder they do such a fantastic job!

Being the sucker that I am, as soon as my lovely Benefit lady put "Brows a-go-go" on I fell in love, even though I have managed to resist it for so long. Add to shopping cart. Also, tomorrow is the Launch of a new Benefit Mascara called "They're real", which my Brow Specialist was sporting today, and my it is fantastic. It gives you amazingly thick, long lashes, which legitimately look like falsies. My lovely Brow Lady put some on me too, and I fell in love. Add to shopping cart. (I will do a real review on this soon, I want to test it properly first).

Still, if you can't spoil yourself on your birthday weekend, when can you?

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  1. Yay! I love Birthday shopping! Did some recently. Oh Benefit are so good for eyebrows! I don't know what I would do without my brow-zings kit. Well done babe. Have an awesome time tonight and happy birthday for tomorrow my fellow Leo! hehe

  2. thanks!! I am sure I will. And YAY for August!

  3. Ohh I MUST know more about this mascara!

  4. Your eyebrows look great! Happy birthday (since it is now officially "tomorrow" here) :D

  5. awwwwww thanks!!! I am so in love with my eyebrows, I keep looking in the mirror!!

    and Yolly, that mascara is AMAZING! i wore it last night and it makes your lashes so thick, they are almost spidery/twiggy like but i like that so it doesnt worry me. LOVE

  6. Love that blazer- I keep checking a similar one out in portmans but have not bought yet. How awesome is benefit's brow bar? I am on trip 4 now and my brows have not looked better! Found you via Sarah's blog hop we are one- Cool idea!


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