Friday, November 4, 2011

UPDATED: Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover

After the disaster that was my last makeup remover, I was wary of deviating from my normal Loreal makup remover. When one gets something for free however (a sample size as a GWP as a Clinique Gift Time gift), it doesn't hurt to try something new. So here is my thoughts on the Clinique make up remover.

Well, it does its job. Soak a cotton pad in remover and wipe it over your eyes, and it will remove ALL of your eye makeup. Even the heavy duty waterproof stuff. However, it will also leave a slight oily residue. I understand this, the oil is what helps to remove tough waterproof makeup. Fair enough. It still annoys me just a tad. It is not such a problem when you are home for the night and not planning on reapplying more makeup, but if you are removing makeup to add more before going out, make sure you wash your eyes after, or your makeup has no chance of sticking.

Other than that this is an inoffensive eye makeup remover. It is fragrance free and allergy tested like all Clinique products, therefore those of us with hyper sensitive skin can rejoice. It does it's job. Would I pay money for it? Well, probably not, considering it is $35 for 125mL. Those who really need something for sensitive eyes and can afford it however, it would recommend it!

The last picture is obviously not eye makeup remover, but I thought it was too pretty not to share! YAY for spring time and flowers in the garden.

UPDATE: I got a tweet from Clinique mentioning that the makeup remover needs to be shaken to activate the ingredients, and this will help with the oil layer. I do shake my bottle, and this make up remover does do a fantastic job of removing eye makeup. I am being pretty picky with the oily residue that gets left, it is by no means a thick layer of oil. It is just enough to be noticeable, especially by me who is so OCD about that stuff. Just wanted to clarify.

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