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De Leon Cosmetics "Looks Better In Red Lipstick Balm and Lipgloss Review and Swatches

Glady's from De Leon Cosmetics is an absolute gem. I love a company that sends you an email which mentions "I have noticed that you like red lipstick, and I have a wonderful colour which you could try..." Yes please! I love that Glady's took the time to stalk my blog a little bit and find out what I like. It makes me smile. I also love red lipstick. It makes me smile. A lot.

De Leon "Looks Better In Red" Lipgloss:

If these photos have determined anything, I look better in red. This lip gloss is super highly pigmented, the swatches above were one swish of the lip gloss applicator. Super easy to blend and apply, this lip gloss is reasonably long lasting (about an hour). I say reasonably, because I don't wear lip gloss and haven't worn it since I was about 19. I hate gloopy shiny messy mouths that are dripping with shimmer. Yuck. I therefore don't really know how long lipgloss should last nowadays. I think the pigment in this baby definitely helps it out though! I also adore that this lipgloss is not super glossy. It gives your lips the type of soft pretty natural shine that a balm gives them. Perfect for me; it is a lip gloss that I would be happy wearing.

Since receiving this product, it has lived in my bag within a bag in my handbag, a very high honour usually only reserved for my Face of Australia Lip Quench lipsticks and my MAC Russian Red. Take that as you will.

De Leon "Looks Better in Red" Lipstick Balm:

 Swatches: The Lipstick balm (top) and Lipgloss (bottom)

This lipstick balm is super soft - apply with a lip brush and be very gentle, or you will put a giant hole in the top of the balm. Super soft formula aside, this lip product is very lovely. Whilst being very creamy, the pigment is strong and long lasting. I wore this for 3 hours, then ate lunch and ate it off. The colour is gorgeous. It is a lovely blue based red which makes your teeth look whiter and brightens up my pale complexion. I would have delegated this baby a spot in my handbag (the colour, oh my goodness it is beautiful) however due to the balm shape application without a lip brush is not precise and can be a little messy. As the lip gloss doesn't provide a scary shine and is easier to apply in the car on the way to work, it wins the handbag spot. The lipstick balm wins the "reach for this in the morning after just finishing my makeup" spot. 

The rest of my goodies to review, coming up in a later post. I just had to do the lipstick first, or I wouldn't be me!

De Leon Cosmetics are a Brisbane Based Indie Make Up company, purchase the "pretties" from here:

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  1. What a lovely review to get when I start my office part of the day! Loved it! I hear your thoughts about the balm being soft and I agree. We had to make a choice between making it as natural and streamlined as we could, or go in the direction of the big box companies and stabilise it with a lot of ingredients that quite frankly, I can't pronounce. We chose to make it natural and good for your lips. The good news is that with the colder weather coming up, it will firm up.
    I look forward to the second installment of your thoughts. Thank you for taking the time and blog space to introduce us to your audience.

    de Leon Cosmetics

  2. Love, love, love! The colour of this lippie is absolutely amazing! You know how I adore reds, so I must check this out! Definitely been trying to get into more indie brands of late! xx

  3. Thank you very much for clearing that up. I am a huge lover of natural products so I really don't mind if it is soft in the Brisbane heat, I would prefer it to be so if it was a more natural product. You can definitely tell it is good for your lips, it leaves them so soft!

  4. Indie brands are pretty wicked really. Usually more natural and daring with the colours. Although, can't go past some other brands as well!

  5. These both look so pretty! 

  6. You do look fabulous in red!


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