Thursday, March 1, 2012

Death Cab For Cutie Face of the Night

YAY for Death Cab for Cutie, YAY for Indie Bands and YAY for MAC Russian Red.

I dressed up a little for this band, as Death Cab isn't really a band you need to worry about looking all grungy and cool for. I could just be myself, and I loved it. A lot of my makeup is the same as always, I tend to be in a bit of a rut for everything other than lipstick. So, in order of application:

Foundation:Clinique Superbalanced in Alabaster

Concealer: Revlon Age Defying Spa concealer for under eyes, and Face of Australia concealer for blemishes.

Blush: NARS the Multiple in Orgasm

Powder: Australis Ready Set GoTransulcent Powder. One day I will write a post on this, promise!

Bronzer: MAC bronzer in Golden

Highlighter: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

Eyeshadow: Rimmel Mono Eyeshadow in Punchy Taupe

Eyeliner: Essence Gel Eyeliner in Midnight in Paris

Mascara: Rimmel ScandalEyes

Lipstick (the only thing changed from pretty much any other FOTD): MAC Russian Red, a lip colour that I absolutely adore. I love it to pieces.

Finally, I added a different accent - a red leopard print belt. You know, just because.

Seen any good bands lately? I need some more live music in my life. One more day til the weekend!

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  1. No bands lately, only ballets!
    I do wish I could do a red lip like you!In every photo I've seen of you, your eyeshadow always complements your eye colour. Even though you go for natural colours, have you found many shades you can't get away with?

  2. I can't believe I missed out on Death Cab :( so annoyed, they are awesome. You did your makeup awesomely :)

  3. teganiasthoughtsMarch 1, 2012 at 8:39 PM

    thanks so much lovely! And yes, they were awesome, you definitely should have come haha. Not going to lie.

  4. teganiasthoughtsMarch 1, 2012 at 8:41 PM

    Where do you dance in Melbourne? Which Ballets have you seen? In regards to shades, I can't really get away with blues or greens, I tend to stick to neutrals and bronze, or pink and purple. I cannot do greys and blacks either, they make me look like a $2 hooker haha

  5. I dance in Armadale, but have taken a break due to illness :(I did just see 'Infinity' though :) It was The Australian Ballet's new contemporary mixed bill and it was really beautiful. Especially the last act, as they collaborated with the Bangarra Dance Theatre for Stephen Page's 'Warumuk - in the dark night' It was so magical, the dancers, music, costumes and sets.If I remember correctly Graeme Murphy's 'Romeo & Juliet' will be in Brisbane later this month. I saw it in Melbourne & enjoyed it but I did find the start of the second act unusual! 
    Melbourne Ballet Company are also just as good (my teacher is still a dancer with them). They show smaller productions, often modern in theme. I feel lucky to be in a city with two ballet companies but I would love the chance to see the Queensland Ballet, and many more companies perform around the world.
    Thanks for answering, have a good morning :)

  6. WOW! That is a massive list, you have been busy! I am sorry to hear that you have had an injury - I hope that you get better soon. I will have to see the ballet soon, I used to dance as well (Jazz and neo classical) and I haven't seen a ballet the whole time I have been in Bris. Slacker. I have heard the bangarra dance theatre is amazing, I am pretty jelly you got to see them!

  7. You look stunning! :) Argh this reminded me that I have NARS Multiple in Orgasm and have never used it. *slaps self* 


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