Monday, April 16, 2012

My Every Day Favourite Make Up Brushes

To break up the boredom of yet another product review (although I have plenty more of those for you this week) I thought I would crap on about my makeup brushes. All of whom are tried and tested and whom I love dearly.

This is only a miniscule amount of the collection, there is one whole drawer filled with brushes in my makeup storage system. I seem to collect makeup brushes by accident *cough*. The babies who so politely posed for a photograph for me however are my extra super special ones, who get to see the light of day every day.

Left to Right:

Royal and Langnickel Blush GL-2*: I love the Royal and Langnickel brushes. This blush brush is super soft but the bristles are reasonably densely packed. I use this to apply my bronzer almost every day.

Royal and Langnickel Powder BPBR-201: The best translucent powder and "oops I over did my blush/bronzer" fixer up-er-rer. Again, gorgeously soft, yet amazing quality. I experience no shedding with my Royal and Langnickel brushes, despite having used them constantly for 6 months, washing weekly.

EcoTools Concealer Brush: A densely packed brush which I use to blend out my under eye concealer or apply creamy under eye primer. Reminds me a little of a mini flat foundation brush.

Royal and Langnickel Lash Brush BPBE - 209: I use this lover to comb out my eyebrows. They are still on the thin side, so brushing them up and out makes them appear a little more bushy. I then apply my eyebrow pencil and brush them through again.

NP Set Blush Contour Brush*: I use this brush A LOT, to contour my face with my bronzer and then to apply my blush to the apples of my cheeks. This brush is used when I am not using my R & L Bronzer and Blush Brushes. It is less dense than R & L, which I find works better with more highly pigmented products.

NP Set Eyeshadow Brush: I purchased this brush a long time ago. I then went to the NP Set launch and received another, which is wonderful because it is the best eyeshadow brush. Long and flat, it presses pigment to your eye like no other. It is also incredibly soft.

NP Set Crease Blender Brush: Where have you been all my life? These last three months with you, Crease Blender Brush, have been amazing. You blend my eyeshadow into a gorgeous haze, you clean up any fall out, you have the most perfect shape, plus you are incredibly soft. I adore you.

Royal and Langnickel Blush BPBE - 202: Perfect for applying my MAC Pinch o' Peach, this little baby feels like a dream on your cheeks. Adore.

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for PR Consideration. 

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  1. Ah what a lovely selection of brushes, I'm such a noobie to make up brushes but hoping to get inspired and buy myself a really good set.

  2.  I would definitely recommend the NP Set brushes for wonderful quality on a budget! If not, in case you couldn't tell, I love Royal and Langnickel :)

    Nice brushes make all the difference I think, even if it is just how they feel on your skin :)

  3. Where did you purchase your Royal and Langnickel brushes? I love my Sigma brushes. Best makeup investment I've made I use them every single day.

  4. Thanks, I will give them a go :D


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