Monday, May 7, 2012

BYS Lipstick Comparison

Good ol' cheapie Australian Companies... If you are anything like me you end up with a little something snuck into your sensible household purchases at Kmart. So, naturally, they deserve a swatch-a-thon. Hurrah!

Much creamier than all the others, which means it has a balm like texture. A nice yellow based pink, perfect for smokey eyes and fake tan!

 I love the almost matte finish of this, it feels much waxier than Sassy Salmon. I do not like the frosted finish however, I left frosted and glitter behind with my Maybelline Wet Shine Lipsticks ie. a long time ago. I adore the colour though. Lights up my face a little without being too bright, for those days when understated is key.

Red Hot took a few swipes to get opaque, and even then you can see by the photo that it is patchy. I would be interested to see how it stands up against Coral Kiss, as this felt creamier than Coral Kiss but Red Hot is supposed to be long lasting. I shall report back with details!!

If you are in QLD - HAPPY LABOUR DAY HOLIDAY! Unfortunately being in the health profession means I have to work, but at least I get penalty rates. Hurrah! I have to mention the fact that it is only a holiday in QLD, as I was reminded it is not Aus wide yesterday when I posted it on my Fbook page... ooops!

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  1. Ooh wow, these are quite pretty! I have never paid BYS much attention, but it seems that I need to begin to! Happy Labour Day love!! I too, being in health, am working :( xx

  2. I loved this post, it's nice to see BYS getting a little more attention. My favourite of their lipsticks is Sassy Salmon.

  3.  Thanks! Sassy Salmon is a nice colour, it is lovely!

  4.  I always ignored them too! They have really cheap packaging, but surprisingly good products inside!

  5. I have bought a couple of BYS products but never lipsticks! The mineral blush they do is quite nice too!

  6. Love the red on you, it's definitely your colour :) I have a couple of BYS lipsticks and while I don't wear them a lot, I do think they're pretty and fun shades and good value.

  7. Hmm I have never tried anything BYS -- can you believe?? I was in gloss last weekend and swatched a few things and was quite impressed. My little sisters LOVE the stuff. 

  8. I've always just ignored BYS when I see it in stores and move on to its more pricey neighbours because from experience, generally, really cheap products also mean cheap quality so I steer clear of them. But reading a couple of reviews about it make me want to try them out. I think I might just go and buy one (or some) next week!

    Nice review, by the way! Coral Kiss looks like such a nice colour and Sassy Salmon reminds me of Barbie pink =P


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