Friday, May 25, 2012

The Instagram Countdown

Oh Mecca Cosmetica, you are so wonderful! My Mecca viginity was broken when Sharleena and I went shopping last friday, which resulted in two wonderful new lippies being added to my collection.

Kit Freedom Fighter and Cherry Picker, pleased to meet you.

Plus, this is Cherry Picker on. Isn't it gorgeous??

Saturday, Tim came home! HURRAH!!

Plus, he followed through on a duty free request. Chanel Coquette is mine! Thank Timmy!

So, we spent the weekend together. At the beach.

Being stalked by seagulls. 


Timmy also took me to Wild Horse Mountain Look Out. We saw the most beautiful sunset.

Oh, I almost forgot, Saturday night I got to try Rekorderlig cider for the first time. Om nom nom!

This week, I also tried the jellies version of the new Cadbury Chocolate. Definitely my favourite by far!

This week I also started my first practicum placement. The walk from my car to the hospital takes me past this gorgeous house. I am in love!

What did you get up to with your week? If you want to see more of my adventures, follow me on Instagram @tegania11 :)

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