Thursday, June 7, 2012

MAC Pinch o' Peach Blush Review

I got an email from a lovely reader, Jasmine, who mentioned that she liked my past post on my HG Foundation. She asked for another HG post, so I wrote this one, just for her :)

So dear Jasmine, my holy grail blush is MAC Pinch o' Peach (I have literally been using it for 5 years)! It is perfect for those with pale vitamin D deficient skin, as it is soft enough to give you a flush without running the risk of clown cheeks. Pinch o' Peach is most definitely more pink than peach, with a very light possibility of it having a little peach (hence the name, I guess). The powder is finely milled without a hint of shimmer - I always find matte blushes are best when wanting to look natural.

If you want to see what it looks like on, check out my FOTD post, here.

Happy Thursday lovers and happy Thursday Jasmine! Apply some blush and brighten up your day.

What is your favourite blush colour? I would love to know!! x

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  1. This colour is so pretty! there's nothing like a pretty pink blush :) Although I am loving NARS Gina at the moment, a pretty peach shade. I was following you on Hello Cotton but I've also followed by GFC now too xx 

  2. This looks really pretty! I think I might need to pick this one up :-)

  3. This looks like the prettiest colour, definitely a shade that I'd myself gravitate towards (though I don't have beautiful pale skin). It must be your HG if you've been using it for so many years :)

  4. Beautiful shade!
    Unfortunately, despite being pale as anything, my italian bloodline means my "pale" shows slightly blue, thinking this would be better for warm based tones.

    Looks amaze on you though!

  5. Aaargh!  The pale Vitamin D deficient skin - that sounds like me!!! I like soft, no-risk blush too for everyday otherwise I risk looking like I'm burning up with a fever.  I need to add Pinch o' Peach to my ever growing blush shopping list.  Thanks for this review :)

  6. gorgeous shade!

  7.  Me too!! Or you look like a clown? Pinch o' Peach is gorgeous, add it to the shopping list and you won't be disappointed!

  8.  It is very pretty and is most definitely my HG. I think it would look pretty on you anyways, although maybe a little bit pale :)

  9.  I think so too, it would really suit you! xx

  10.  I am definitely going to have to check Gina out, it sounds so pretty!! Thanks for following xx

  11. I love Bobbi Brown's Rose Shimmer Brick, I tend to use it on it's own as it has a subtle but lovely colour.
    The Mac blush looks very nice especially on you :)


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