Thursday, November 8, 2012

Decorating your dorm room

Dorm rooms can be small and clinical. Considering that I had never lived in a dorm prior to moving to Cairns for placement, to say it was a little bit of a shock moving in was a bit of an understatement! However, with a few little touches I was able to make the room my own (without adding too much to the baggage that I have to cart back home)!

I know it is my last week of placement, but I kinda wanted to take photos of my decorating to remember my wonderful time in Cairns, and the great time that I have had living at the JCU dorm. I love my housemates and I have had the best time. I will miss you Cairns!

Notes about my decorations:

1. I collect old books, and have since I was very small. Since I have a truckload of old books at home, the easiest way to decorate was to find a couple more at a market.

2. I am also a photo-a-holic (in case you couldn't tell by my Instagram and blog)! I got a bunch of photos printed when I got up here, and I bought a few cheap frames to display them. That way, I can throw the frames out if they don't fit in my baggage.

3. I found this old Sound of Music record at a thrift store, and was beside myself with excitement. Perfect for decorating, up here and back home. Add a vintage Cairns soft drink bottle and the inbuilt shelf in my room doesn't look so bare anymore.

4. I picked up this little chalkboard for $5 at Typo, and it has been a source of great amusement for me with regards to decorating my room. A packet of chalk and a chalkboard pen later and I am all set! Word of warning though, Liquid Chalk pens are a freaking PAIN to remove!

Have you been a tenant of a uni form before? What are your best decorating tips? xx

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