Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Five Favourite 'Natural Beauty' Lipsticks

It's been awhile since I have worn makeup of any description. Summer and a face full of makeup do not normally go hand in hand. However, Summer and beautiful nude lips do. Particularly nude lips which contain sunscreen, because almost anything you wear on your face or body during the day needs to contain some sunscreen. So, my top five picks for my favourite nude lippies are:

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Chintz: A lovely, soft nude peach, this lipstick is a favourite for getting your glam on for a night of cocktails at the beach. Nothing looks prettier being pulled out of your clutch either.

Face of Australia Lip Quench in Lychee Crush: With SPF 30+ and a gorgeous creamy formulation, this lipstick is perfect for a day at the beach.

Kit Cosmetics Lipstick in Soul Sister: My favourite natural lipstick when you still want a little bit of colour, and don't wish to look washed out. Kit lipsticks are absolutely awesome, I can't recommend them enough!

Essence Lipstick in All About Cupcake: A gorgeous, perfect pouty Brigitte Bardot lipstick. This lipstick has the ability to make my lips look HUGE, and I am not exactly sure why. It smells really sweet too, like lollies.

Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Peach: You can see how much of a favourite this is by how much it has been used up! The colour is a perfect light pink, enough to give your lips some definition without washing you out, and it contains SPF 10. The best of both worlds for summer, really.

So, what are your favourite summer or natural beauty lipsticks? I would love some more recommendations! xx

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  1. Kiehl's lip balm in hue 30G or YSL glossy stain in No. 12 :D

  2. Jasmine Gala My cup of tequilaNovember 20, 2012 at 11:25 PM

    I have been dying to get my hands on all about cake but couldn't find it stocked anywhere! Hmmm that mango lip butter looks fantastic! Might check that one out :)


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