Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Photo Display Ideas - Photo Wire {DIY}

I was lucky enough to receive a wonderful early Christmas present from one of my dear friends back in Cairns. Knowing how much I love photos, she sent me a 'Bird on a Wire' Kit, which basically allows you to attach photos to a wire for an awesome decorative idea, with little birds to cover up the wall hooks. 

Whilst the photo above is of the kit, it would be easy enough to create the same effect using wire and either paper clips or wooden clothes pegs to hold the photos up. Simply hook the paper clip over the wire and press it down tightly to ensure it won't move. Create a loop in the ends of the wire so that it can be hung, then attach your photos and find somewhere awesome to hang it. Making your own would also allow the photo wire to be more versatile with where it can be hung, as you can make the loops on the end as wide as necessary for example if you wanted to hang the photos over your bed etc.

For another idea, how awesome would this be as a Christmas card holder? Easy peasy!

How do you display your photos at home? What about your Christmas Cards? I would love to hear some new ideas! xx

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